Court Hire

(per court per hour of use)

All Members $6.00 $14.00
Members & Guest $14.00 $22.00
All Non-members $18.00 $26.00

After hours booking options available:

Simply call the Pro-shop on 54918487 with a credit card.. pay for the court. We will allocate you a court number.. your show up at your booked time and go to your allocated court.. the court lights come on.. you play.. at the end of your time the court lights go out. There is an outside toilet available for use during your out-of-hours court hire. No longer will you not be able to play outside Pro-shop opening hours

Bulk Court Hire Cards Available:

Buy a card of 10 court hires up front and save $$$$$

10 X Day uses $140.00
5 X Day & 5 X Night uses $180.00
10 X Night uses $220.00